Ninth annual
ICFP Programming Contest
Hosted by Carnegie Mellon University's POP Group


The 9th ICFP Programming Contest was a competition held the weekend of July 21–24, 2006. The results of the contest were announced at the International Conference on Functional Programming in September. There were more than 350 teams that completed at least one part of the task. Even though the contest has officially ended, we encourage interested programmers to continue to test their skills by exploring the mysteries of the codex. Please see the rules and FAQ for more information.

For more information about the contest, you can read our technical report, view slides (Flash 8+; 9mb) or watch a video (QuickTime; 128mb) from the presentation at ICFP.

The contest runs annually, with the upcoming contest usually hosted at


[17 Jul 2007] We have released an updated version of the codex with bug fixes, harder problems, and easter eggs. We've also released the source code to the contest and the tools we used to build it.

[19 Sep 2006] Final standings are now online. Congratulations to the winners!

[24 Jul 2006] The contest is over. Results will be announced at the ICFP conference in September. A reference implementation of the UM has been released. More information can be found in a message to the announce list.

[22 Jul 2006] Some new contest materials have been made available on the task page. More information has been posted in a message to the announce list.

[22 Jul 2006] The rules/faq page has been updated with a list of transcription errors.

[22 Jul 2006] Due to a scheduled maintenance window, the contest mailing lists may be unavailable between 5:00 AM and 6:00 AM EDT Saturday morning.

[21 Jul 2006] The full contest task has been posted. Good luck!

[19 Jul 2006] We have received the codex, which teams can download any time before or during the contest.

[3 Jul 2006] Teams are strongly encouraged, but not required, to register before the contest begins. Stay tuned for more information!